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The Client Hates Everything – Project Web Episode 012

There are some projects where it seems as if the client loathes every deliverable we put in front of them. What are some ways we can encourage the client to be more receptive to the project process? In this episode, that’s exactly what I delve into. Comments? Email me at Project Web Podcast –…

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Goals For 2011 – Project Web Episode 011

It’s a new year, and with every new year, it’s a time to look forward and plan for the months ahead. In this episode, I outline some personal goals of mine for 2011. Comments? Email me at Project Web Podcast – Episode 011 – Goals For 2011 Show Notes These are the articles and…

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Getting Content From Clients – Project Web Episode 010

Getting copy from clients for a web project can be a frustrating ordeal. Delays, miscommunication and just bad content overall can reduce even the best projects to a stumbling mess. In this episode, I discuss some ways to overcome this challenge and to better prepare yourself for the “content crisis.” Comments? Email me at…

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Future of the Web – Project Web Episode 009

The web design industry is constantly evolving. For project managers, designs, and developers, taking a moment to analyze the industry and to see what’s in store is essential to seeing potential problems and opportunities. This episode provides some of my thoughts on where web design is going. Comments? Email me at Project Web Podcast…

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Showcasing Your Projects – Project Web Episode 008

Displaying successfully completed projects in an effective manner is essential for web designers, developers, and project managers who must find their next job. This episode covers some of the ways you can best portray your work on the web. Comments? Email me at Project Web Podcast – Episode 008 – Showcasing Your Projects Show…

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