Don’t Let Web Clients Walk All Over You

Web design and design work in general is an interesting industry when it comes to client interaction. We need the client to help us lay the foundation for our design work, but at the same time, we need to be careful not let the client have too much say. Many designers in all fields, myself…

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My Meeting Length Philosophy

Meetings are a great method for sharing information, developing task items, getting feedback, and so forth. However, I think meetings outlive their effectiveness once they reach a certain length threshold.

Valuing Your Time and 3 Simple Measurements

Time value is an underrated concept. We spend so much time committing ourselves to such meaningless engagements. The problem is that most people live through the eyes of tunnel vision with a narrow focus on things that will only have a short-term impact. How does one devalue their time? There are many examples. Excessive social…

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The State of the Web Design Industry (Web Design)

As a member of the web design industry, I’ve been immersed in the going-ons of various industry trends, practices, and activities. For my own benefit, I think it’s critical to assess and analyze the state of the web design industry. This is by no means a comprehensive list of everything that is happening in the…

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Bubble Frames – Rapid Prototype Wireframes (Ideas)

Whenever I start a new web project, I want to conceptualize, and fast. Ideas seem to flow at a rapid pace in short intervals, making it hard to capture everything. I’m a huge proponent of rapid prototyping. I want to take as many of those ideas as I can, build a quick prototype, take a…

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50 Ways to Get Web Site Content From Clients

One of the biggest pains in web design and development projects is getting the content you need. Content is no simple task. It needs to professionally crafted in a fashion that will communicate a meaningful message to visitors. The big problem, though, is that many web design clients just don’t deliver content at all. Or,…

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Phasing Out Internet Explorer 6

The troubled little browser known as IE6 has been a thorn in the side of developers since it was first released over six years ago. It’s buggy, non-compliant and inflexible. To design a web site to work with IE6 requires either multiple hacks on the CSS side of things or extreme patience. (Just to note,…

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