The iPad in Web Design Project Management – Project Web Episode 004

In this episode, I discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the iPad in web design and project management including enhancements to productivity and the downsides of a first generation device. Comments? Email me at

When a Client Hates Your Work

I recently recorded a podcast that delved into the topic of difficult clients. Among the criteria I included to qualify a client as being difficult, I highlighted those who are overly critical of your work. However, I prefaced that criterion with the stipulation that the client must consistently hate ALL of your work. Now, what…

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Project Web Episode 003 – Dealing with Difficult Clients

In this episode, I cover handling difficult clients and potential remedies to reduce the tension. Also, news, ramblings, and perhaps even an iPad (well, the iPad has already arrived, so I guess it’s now a fact).

Managing Hacked Client WordPress Sites: Prevention, Reaction and Investigation

As project managers, web designers, and freelancers, we deal with a multitude of issues, especially when it comes to content management systems. For me, most of the issues arise in WordPress as it’s my choice CMS for clients. The most serious of these issues is dealing with hacked client sites where either spam has been…

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Project Web Episode 002 – Defining the Freelance Project Manager

Well, I stuck with it and produced a second episode of Project Web last week. This one is a bit longer and probably more smooth around the edges, though I hope to improve the more of these I get under my belt. Anyway, the podcast is embedded below along with the show notes. Please subscribe…

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Introducing the Project Web Podcast

After endless listening of other podcasts, I’ve decided to take the plunge and try it out myself. The scope of the Project Web podcast is web design, project management, and freelancing — all things I think are interesting and worthy of a half hour monologue by yours truly. This first episode is rough around the…

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Communicating Complex Concepts to Clients

Web designers, web developers, and project managers often find themselves in a situation where they must convey a complex or complicated subject to a client. This is where you need to hone in on your communication skills. Since most clients are relatively novice when it comes to the world of web creation, it requires a…

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When to Give Up on a Web Project

Most of the articles I read about project and client management deal with the positive aspects of the relationship. They offer tips and remedies for making everything work perfectly, and they try to give guidance on making sure your projects are fulfilling. There’s nothing wrong with these articles, and in fact, I’ve authored more than…

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Why Simple Planning Goes a Long Way in Your Web Projects

Milestones, to-dos, communication, deliverables. These are sometimes shouted out as the end-all solution to poor project management. However important these tools and methods are, they’re just tactics. What’s really needed to manage an effective web project is a plan and strategy.

The Art of Finishing a Project

If you’ve managed your share of web projects, then you’ve likely seen far too many fall apart or become snagged by delays in the end. These obstacles can make it nearly impossible to finish projects. There may be times when you don’t even know if the project is complete or not. Believe me, we’ve all…

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