The Project Web was born out of web designer Chris LeCompte’s personal website and blog in the summer of 2010. The goal of the site is to bring topics of web design project management, freelancing and clients to the floor for discussion.

Yes, there are a myriad of other web design blogs out there. However, very few of them focus solely on project management. Instead of serving 1000 tips on how to use the blur effect in Photoshop, The Project Web hopes to help those in the web profession better manage their projects, and ultimately, their clients.

The Project Web podcast also serves an increasingly important part of the site. In the podcast, Chris explores a variety of topics (especially those mentioned on the blog) and highlights some of the latest news and articles as it relates to creating a better project experience.

So, read, listen or discuss – all avenues are open to you, and hopefully you’ll find some meaningful takeaways for your own web projects.

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